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Maraq Gourmet Soup


In the Beginning

The Maraq Gourmet Soup Shop is a combination of wholesome vegetables, seasonings, fresh herbs and broth made to bring comfort and fill the greatest of appetites. The idea came to mind as my wife and I spent a few years battling with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid reflux and weight gain. It was time for a change. I went to so many physician appointments with my wife and their antidote frequently was a prescription. Also, I received a letter from my Primary Care Physician that my cholesterol along with my age was to the point where no diet could correct the issue.

Well, I could not accept that!!! I was taking high blood pressure medicine which was giving me so many side effects that after one month I immediately called my PCP and informed her that I would no longer be taking the medicine. Salads, nutrient bars and shakes just have never been our thing. After all how much salad can a person eat and the variety was so limited. Nutrient bars and shakes were so expensive and taste terrible from my perspective.

Finally, an answer came to me. I was lying in my bed sleeping and popped up about 2:00 am. I went into the kitchen opened the refrigerator and my answer was staring me right in the face. Yes soup!!!

Being Fruitful to Multiply

After gathering all the wholesome ingredients and seasonings I carefully came up with a meal that was SOUPer Delicious, healthy and made of everyday items I already had. With a touch of love, time and fresh ingredients this wonderful soup came all together. I did not want to be so boastful so I woke up my wife, the true critic!!! After just a spoon full, she lit up like a light bulb. She said, “This is simply amazing! Can I have some more?” Before I knew it, when I arrived back home from work, she had eaten most of the pot I made.

I detoxed my body for four days, then I began to add a bowl of Maraq Gourmet Soup as my favorite side dish along with a serving of meat or another side dish. Soon after my wife joined me. We both found out that even cold the soup was great.

After two months my weight dropped from 244lbs to as low as 205lbs. My high blood pressure went from 160/101 and is consistently at 124/77. Yes, I am back in action. My wife has not had an episode of acid reflux in months and the nutrients has helped her reduce and eliminate many of her medications.

Try Maraq Gourmet Soups and get a good meal with great flavor and excellent health results. Whether alone, with friends or family you will enjoy these original combinations of soups.

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Our Staff


Our staff at Maraq Gourmet Soup Shop is one of the best. They are honorable, integral and respectful.  Here at our shop we are so excited to serve you and interact with you.  Our goal is to provide great service and health for you and your generations to come.  We take pride in the fact that corporate prayer is a part of our lifestyle.  Not only is the food great to the taste but those who prepare, serve and deliver are great people also.  Thank you so much for becoming a customer of ours and we do not take your business for granted.  May the Lord bless you and keep you.